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Sagely & Edwards Realtors Speeds Up the House-Hunting Process in Fort Smith with a Real Estate Search for Any Cell Phone

One of the top real estate agencies in Fort Smith is introducing a way for clients to view all of the homes for sale in the area with any cell phone. Mont Sagely with Sagely & Edwards Realtors is providing clients with a mobile real estate search created by Smarter Agent that makes it possible to search all local property listings from their mobile device, regardless of whether it is listed by Sagely & Edwards Realtors or another broker or agent.


Sagely & Edwards Realtors mobile real estate search is the only house-hunting tool that works on 95% of cell phones across all carriers.


With Sagely & Edwards Realtors Smarter Agent application, interested home buyers can be in any neighborhood and view detailed property information at the touch of a button. The GPS technology in the mobile phone, when available, locates users and pulls up addresses and information on listings in their immediate area. Sales price, square footage, tax information, beds/baths, interior and exterior features, pictures and more become available instantly in the palm of their hand.


Consumers can also search by address, community name, city or zip code when GPS is not available, or if they want to search for real estate in an area other than their current location.


The “Call to See” feature within the mobile application will connect users toSagely & Edwards Realtors if they have questions or want to schedule a tour of the property.


Consumers can get Sagely & Edwards Realtors mobile real estate search on their cell phone by visiting for easy instructions or by texting SAGELY to 87778 to receive a text message with a link to download the mobile real estate application.


Smarter Agent is available as a fully downloadable application on hundreds of devices across Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. A premium mobile web version is also available on 95% of cell phones. The fully downloadable application is free to download on Sprint devices, BlackBerry devices, the iPhone, and Google's Android G-1. The premium mobile web version is free to access.

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